Is Denver better w/out Melo?

Is Denver better w/out Melo?

Ballgame has a new favorite team in the NBA- the Denver Nuggets. Jeff Morton, writer for the blog, Denver Stiffs appeared on the program to discuss the new-look Nuggets and the recent thoughts of the Mile High city since the Carmelo Anthony trade. Ballgame and Morton talk about the roster, depth, coach George Karl and the new enthusiasm that the team is showing.

3 Responses to “Is Denver better w/out Melo?”

  1. Flo Marasco says:

    funny. I can’t believe that Carmello’s finally in New York. Feels like it wasn’t ever gonna to end up happening. The Knicks are finally a force to reckon with!!

  2. Shelby says:

    Interesting interview. Thanks.

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