NE-HI Enterprises NFL Pick’em Standings


The weekly NFL Pick’em is brought to you by NE-HI Enterprises and The Johnny Ballgame Show.

NFL Pick’em
Weekly Standings

Rank Name Games Picked Correctly
1 Jim Wiley 11 (TB 56)
2 Brendan May 11 (TB 72)
3 Caleb Sampson 10 (TB 62)

Weekly standings current as of: End of Week 5


NFL Pick’em
Season Standings

Rank Name Points
1 Caleb Sampson 11 PTS
2 Sheri Folsom 6 PTS
3 Gavin Ashburn 5 PTS
3 Jim Wiley 5 PTS
5 Johnny Ballgame & Roger Townsend 4 PTS

Season standings current as of: End of Week 5



This contest is open to all legal residents 18 and older. Eligible winners will be contacted by phone, and receive information regarding claiming any prizes won. Limit 1 entry per person, per week. No purchase necessary. See full contest rules for more details.