NE-HI Enterprises NFL Pick’em Standings


The weekly NFL Pick’em is brought to you by NE-HI Enterprises and The Johnny Ballgame Show.

NFL Pick’em
Weekly Standings

Rank Name Games Picked Correctly
1 Richard Bobbitt 9 (TB 65)
2 Kale Elmer 9 (TB 62)
3 Erin Folsom 9 (TB 61)

Weekly standings current as of: End of Week 11


NFL Pick’em
Season Standings

Rank Name Points
1 Roger Townsend 13 PTS
2 Caleb Sampson 11 PTS
3 Sheri Folsom 9 PTS
4 Brendan May 8 PTS
5 Johnny Ballgame 7 PTS

Season standings current as of: End of Week 11



This contest is open to all legal residents 18 and older. Eligible winners will be contacted by phone, and receive information regarding claiming any prizes won. Limit 1 entry per person, per week. No purchase necessary. See full contest rules for more details.