La Grande Country Club PGA Championship Challenge

The Johnny Ballgame Show invites you to participate in the:
La Grande Country Club PGA Championship Challenge

Before the 2019 PGA Championship begins, make your selections below for who you think will perform the best during the event. The top 5 entries with the highest performing players overall, will win a special Johnny Ballgame Show prize pack!

Final Standings

Rank Name Score
#1 Scott F. 40 Points
#2 Shaun C. 31 Points
#3 Larrena O. 29 Points
#4 Jim E. Jr. 26 Points
#5 Sherm 25 Points (TB-14)
#6 Johnny Ballgame 25 Points (TB-16)
#7 Ciara G. 25 Points (TB-17)
#8 Beau W. 25 Points (TB-19)
#9 AO 24 Points
#10 Joy Mc. 21 Points
#11 Ron A. 20 Points
#12 Mike C. 19 Points
#13 Albin 18 Points
#14 Dan H. 16 Points
#15 Jeff S. 15 Points (TB-9)
#16 Tony H. 15 Points (TB-16)
#17 Jim W. 15 Points (TB-18)
#18 Ben L. 15 Points (TB-20)
#19 Don Mc. 15 Points (TB-21)
#20 Ricky G. 15 Points (TB-21)

** Top 5 finishers are awarded prizes **

Winners will be contacted for prize redemption instructions

This contest is open to all legal residents 18 and older. Valid winners will be contacted by phone, and receive information on how to claiming prizes won. No purchase necessary. Limit 1 entry per person. Entries must be received by Wednesday, May 15th at 6PM PT. See full contest rules for more details.